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this is a shoutout and an app for the 1 and only David Henrie
davyhenrie wrote in summerloveca
Name: Katie Roe
Age: 17 u digg??
Why do you want to join?: I just love being David Henrie (and yes i've been him before and still are him at 365days rp)
How often will you be on?: ALOT!!!! - no serious ALOT!!!

David time!!!

Name: David Henrie

Age: 19 -turning 20 (he thinks its rather epic really)

Personality: David really has two sides to him, three if your lucky enough to be Selena Gomez (Which he just believes is special enough to know him in her own way - his pretty great like that). David can be seen as being cocky, but it isn’t like he doesn’t know… he does. He is both happy about the whole Disney life and not. What he does like about it is, he knows its sure going to be the catapult he needs into blockbuster stardom (Which he has been told is inevitable for him - he isn’t sure if he should be cocky about this yet, he really is still surprised by it all). He really has no problem, being pinned as the next Shia. But what he does have a problem with is, the whole Disney image he has to leave up too. I mean he wouldn’t be ever caught dead drinking or handing out black jack tips to his fans, but he is allowed to enjoy both in his personal time right? (He likes to think so). It really aggravates the hell out of him. Don’t even get him starting on the Selena issue (he has a whole effing paragraph for that later). David can create a grudge easily and usually you will have no idea what you did to cause it. Like currently he has a really big hate thing for Nick Jonas… he hates his effing hair, like what does he do shampoo it 24/7, of course in no way shape or form is he going to admit that he is really just pissed Selena went out with the guy (He has this whole idea that Nick’s hair has some hypnotic power, or something - yeah he is looking into getting counselling for it). David isn’t really one to wear his heart on his sleeve or anything, like if he likes you (don’t expect him to write you a song about it - nah he is way to cool and over that). He just has this belief that you already know that’s all. Even if he acts like that around most girls, see he makes no sense (but it makes sense to him, like he could write a fucking book on it, it makes so much sense to him). Oh and his been suck into the never ending fandom of twitter, so if you have one of those he might just  shake your hand.

Family Background: David has one big family, don’t believe him, go check out his twitter. He is pretty close to all his cousins, but especially his cousin Lorenzo. Which reminds him, yeah David has a brother and his destined to be the next king of the world, see the Henrie’s are all pretty much amazing. David owes his success to his family, and he knows he would be nothing without them. His mom he loves like a lot, but he reckons he loves her so much, he really doesn’t have to be a mommy’s boy to prove it. She knows that, so should everyone else (Yes Sel does tease him about this a lot).

Problems: David, well he both denies he has any, but then a week later he be bitching about it… you won’t know because he does most of that in his head. Especially on this whole Selena issue (yeah we aren’t on the paragraph yet… but we are getting there). So he has issues you just have to look out for them later.


Jake T Austin: Yeah he is future wife, you know get married in Vegas and stuff. He pretty much loves this guy with as much as a heterosexual man can. They are pretty much, two amigos destined to play shuffle-board in their retirement home together. They don’t really bicker much, but they do enjoy a few roll on the floor wrestling matches. This is usually during set breaks, their really are lucky, both the crew and audience love them so much. Jake, Jakey, wifey, Mrs David Henrie, yeah he has a lot of nicknames for the guy, but so does Jake, so it is really kind of even. Jake is really only the guy David likes to hang with (celeb wise). He doesn’t like the egotistical ones *cough* Nick Jonas *cough* (oh yeah he knows his egotistical too - he doesn’t care how hypocritical that sounds). Yeah it’s just he much prefers to hang out with Selena… yes it’s time for that paragraph.

Selena: Yeah David knows she plays his sister on wizards, he has been reminded of that for the last 3 years (just so you know, he plans to punch the next person that says something… so I wouldn’t mention it). He just hates it all, why did they have to be related… wait what he refuses to think about that, he really does. Not like he hasn’t thought about Selena, she is hot and all andhereallyisinlovewithher (hey it’s the only way he will ever admit it), he just hates the whole implications of it, yeah because there is going to be a hell of a lot. Dating her means, well he is both a mini-pedo and such, but it’s not his fault she is so hot and only 16 ……. (yeah he just smashed his head against his desk). But then he logs on to his apple, and finds out half the internet wants them to date, even if he knows its all shady and what not. Yeah so what if he ships his own bloody self… Delena is supposedly destined remember ……. (Ok so his head is getting rather sore). But really he wouldn’t mind dating Sel, I mean they are heaps close and all, and everyone practically thinks they are dating already right? She came up to him yesterday and asked ‘if he had seen that thing of hers, that she you know used that one time, you know before shooting’ it thinks it’s kind of cool he knew what she was talking about - this mini vacuum she had gone crazy over. So yeah they’re practically married already, so what’s so bad about them dating? But she looks at him like an older brother so really he should just stop thinking about it right? Because that’s all he will ever be (he tells himself this everyday - yet he wakes up every morning happy as hell he gets to see her - don’t judge him - his seriously confused, maybe he really should get counselling?

Journal entry:  Yeah so he really doesn’t like Nick

Convincing Curly that he is a wizard
Prank 1:

So yeah lately on my Piss of Curly list -- i've decided to convince Nick he is actually a wizard.

-Last week i had my neighbours cat stalk him, by putting cat nip in his shoes the other night.

-I have plans to get a magician to come to Nick's door and ask, "if a young Nicholas lives here... his going to show him some magic."

-Bought a broomstick to send to him --- from a run away convict from Azkaban.

-Going to hire some Pidgeons to fly to perch around his house --- pidgeons are cheeper then owls.

-Send him his official Hogwarts letter.

-Send him a list of stuff his going to be needing and send him to some 'interesting stores' asking for them.

-Convince him that my cousin actually got into Hogwarts too (when he asks)

Well that's all so far... but i'm sure i'll think of some more.

Any Idea's ppl??

Community thread:

I ran my hand through my hair again, watching her through my shades, we had a 15 minute or so break, before we had to go back to filming. Truth was I was hoping this day would end soon, I was still a bit hungover from everything that had happened. Like this whole past week, I had been trying so hard, to stop fucking loving her … but I can’t… I wish I could but I can’t. I looked over at Sel again, as she walked around studying the photo's on my wall. Most of them were signed autograph photos of my favorite singers etc, but the few personal ones were of her and me and some of just her. I was surprised Sel was content letting me do nothing, she usually suggested we play some sort of game. She was never one to like sitting still for a few seconds let alone minutes. She must really be thinking hard about something. Fuck if it Nick (who I noticed she was back to talking to again) or that fucking Taylor Lautner fellow, I might just pull out my hair. She deserved better, and that had nothing to do that I thought I was that better.

She leant up, trying to touch one of the photo's high up on the wall, I tried to ignore the way her short shorts, crept up her legs as she did that. God she was making me go insane, seriously she was all things illegal. But I knew full well I couldn't get her out of my head.

'Why do i keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
you got me hypnotized, so mesmerized'

Yeah I couldn't believe my life was fucking written up in lyrics, and wait for it... this is the punchline sung by some american idol runnerup !!! seriously??? I looked over at her again, her fingers trailing lightly over a photo of us.

'Has it ever crossed your mind
When we're hanging, spending time girl
Are we just friends? Is there more? Is there more?'

I was really starting to wonder if it was possible for my brain to combust from all this. I got up walking up standing behind her, looking over the photos with her, I must of been quiet because she turned around and let out a gasp; surprised I was standing there. I smiled and step back, we were so impossibly close, I think I stopped breathing. I walked back over sitting down, eyes really never leaving her. And  I watched as she smiled, before turning away, back to face the wall.

'Do you catch a breath when i'm looking at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
Because I've tried and tried to walk away
but I know this crush ain't going away'

I let my head drop, "Want to play a game?" Truth was I wanted to just hear her speak again, and if I was lucky she might laugh. Man what had I let happen to me. Jake would practically slap me for being so... girly. I let my head jump back up to meet her warm brown eyes, waiting for her reply.

oh this is his journal and aim = claymanhenrie

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