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summerloveca's Journal

Summer Love [RP]
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Summer Love RP

1. Have fun!
2. Must apply to become part of CLOSED community.
3. Explicit content is allowed.
4. Multiple characters are allowed.
5. Must be active, if not you will be required to bow out gracefully.
6. No AIM speak. This is pertaining to "how r u?" and other phrases similar. This is required on LJ, but while on actual AIM, it is ok.
7. Signing up means you promise to create an AIM account dedicated to your character.
8. No backstabbing OOC. Real life has nothing to do with RP.
9. Proper grammar, PLEASE!!!

Please apply today!! We accept practically anybody.

P.S. Please do not join if you are already part of another community on the same LJ. Common sense, people.
Thank you.


Once you join, be sure to add your RP profile to these communities:
summerloverp summerloveaim summerloveca