Noe Jicholas Hug
If we don't start picking things up, this community might have to shut down.
If you don't want that to happen, BE MORE ACTIVE!

I'm giving it a week.

btw, sorry if you just joined. try to pick things up!!

thank you.

this is a shoutout and an app for the 1 and only David Henrie
the aaaaappppppppppppCollapse )

Character List
Green G
[Only taken celebs are posted here.]

Nick Jonas
LJ jerryoldsntnick
AIM jerryoldsntnick

Brigit Martin [Isla Fisher]
LJ bbbbridgit
AIM yourpunkfairy

Taylor Swift
LJ tayylors
AIM itsfearlesstayy

Miley Cyrus
LJ miiiiley
AIM miiileycy

Demi Lovato
LJ demetrilovato
AIM starangeldemil

Selena Gomez
LJ selenaa_x
AIM selenuhxo

Joe Jonas
LJ dangerjoeajonas
AIM DangerJoeAJonas

Applications [post in a reply to this]
Green G

Name: [Real Name]
Age: [Real Age]
Why do you want to join?: [Explain why you should be chosen]
How often will you be on?: [Self-explanatory]

Your RP!
Name: [Celeb you wish to RP]
Playby: [Original Characters only. Who are you using as a face?]
Age: [Age of your celebrity]
Bio: [Short bio of your celeb's life]
Gender: [Well, is it a he or a she?]
Sexual orientation: [Are they S/L/G/B/T?]
Relationship status: [IRL are they dating? If you wish for them to be single, put single here]

RP Post: [Community RP sample. Include who is involved and the loaction before the RP sequence]

Personal Post: [How would your celeb write in his/her LJ? For your personal, you must know how to do LJ cuts!! Ask if you don't know how]

LJ Profile: [link to the LJ you will use as the celeb]
AIM: [screen name for your celeb - vital to the RP]


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